If you’ve found yourself scratching your head wondering how the Expo site will be taken care of
after the event ends, rest assured because there’s a comprehensive plan in place for that. Let’s
take a closer look at what’s ahead after Expo 2020’s event.

District 2020 – The future of EXPO 2020

Dubai’s new innovation district is a place where people can live and work without any hassle.
These futuristic living spaces will feature a range of buildings, residential and commercial areas,
public transportation hubs, and green spaces. District 2020 will lease out spaces for commercial
use. These spaces provide both office and meeting facilities with the intention of fostering
creativity as well as collaboration. There will be different buildings with different courtyard sizes.
Smaller building styles, such as campus-style buildings and open spaces, will be present as well.
Offering an appropriate space for any-sized businesses.



District 2020 has a flexible environment with high-tech and alot of equipment, smart technologies
for transit, and calming outside spaces. Dubai is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, and
with that comes all the challenges associated with a major metropolis. One way Dubai is
addressing those challenges is by creating a “District 2020” to support innovation-driven
businesses, which will now be able to test their ideas or run pilot projects without having to pay
hefty fees. District 2020 will be ideal for ambitious professionals and families who wish to work
and live in one place, maintaining a solid work-life balance. The facilities and amenities in District
2020 represent a community where people are connected through innovation, technology, and a
sense of community.




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