What if you could embark on a Mediterranean voyage without ever leaving home? Imagine crystal clear waters, pristine white sands, romantic cobblestone streets, and artful architecture— all in one vibrant community.
This is what the leading Dubai developer DAMAC has envisioned for dreamy home hunters and explorers at heart. Glamorous living fantasies come alive at DAMAC LAGOONS, a community that pays tribute to Mediterranean life— done in inimitable style.

DAMAC Lagoons will feature stunning amenities and facilities for all its residents: azure blue lagoons, inland white beach, wave pool, bicycle lane, snorkeling, floating amphitheater, exclusive clubhouse, waterside restaurants & cafés and a dedicated boutique retail area.

With 8 phases set to form the picturesque community, each are inspired by iconic cities heralded as major destinations for their breathtaking vistas, distinct architecture & culture, and historical significance: Venice, Santorini, Morocco, Nice, Portofino, Costa Brava, Malta & Andalucia.


What could be better than 1 million square feet of azure blue lagoons? Making it your home. That’s exactly what you can expect at Santorini – plush 3, 4, 5 & 6 Bedroom Villas & townhouses featuring white-washed exteriors and blue touches evoking quintessential Mediterranean motifs.

Surrounded by lush greenery and unique water features, the neighborhood homes are strung together by quaint pathways, wide bicycle tracks and ornamental foliage, evoking the magic of Santorini, Greece. Here, thoughtfully designed spaces meet tasteful interiors and expansive outdoor spaces are just a walk away from the paradisiacal community beach.


Teeming with unspoiled coves and hemmed with lively villages and pockets of seclusion, Costa Brava echoes the artistic verve of Catalonia, Spain.

At the Costa Brava cluster, homes showcase life’s little treasures, coming alive as you always wished they would. Attentively crafted for the young-at-heart, the 3, 4, 5 & 6 Bedroom villas & townhouses at Costa Brava come together in a symphony of Spanish harmony.

The residences’ exteriors are tinted with muted neutral pastels and complemented by bricked accents, perfectly capturing the spirit of Catalonia. Inviting interiors come with an abundance of light, while lush gardens promise it all – afternoon with friends, games with the kids, or a quiet moment that’s just for you.


Echoing the French Riviera at its best, the Nice cluster is envisioned to be a scenic beachside escape, away from the bustle of the city. Posed to reflect the allure of the vibrant riviera coastline, the 4, 5 & 6 Bedroom villas & townhouses are coated with sprightly, vivid hues matching the thoughtfully designed interior spaces. The walls and spaces are fashioned to bring the classic charm of the French Riviera inside your home.

Outside your doorstep, great escapes await— with bicycle tracks and splash pools to keep you active and engaged with family & friends. Sunny skies, cobblestone streets, and dreamy French architecture accompany you on your scenic voyage through this French-inspired neighborhood.


What for others may be a distant dream, life’s simple pleasures made luxurious is an everyday reality at the Portofino cluster. Embrace Italian-style living with shades of every kind, taking inspiration from the country’s vibrant palette so that you can live your Portofino fantasies in Dubai.

The neighborhood is comprised of 3, 4 & 5 Bedroom Townhouses and 7 Bedroom Villas, fully coloured and bursting with character, each Portofino villa is an artistic masterpiece that effortlessly combines luxury, elegance and the spirit of carefree living. Portofino residents will also enjoy water-centric facilities and amenities such as the community aqua library, aqua gym, fishing lake, open-air music pavilion and outdoor spa.


A brand-new collection of villas called Venice DAMAC Lagoons will immediately take you to the floating city in Venice. This contemporary neighborhood will be surrounded by beautiful waterways that will revive any romantic memories of being in the actual city. Venice DAMAC Lagoons is the ideal choice for anyone looking to live a lavish lifestyle in one of Dubai’s fastest-growing neighborhoods. Future residents of Venice DAMAC Lagoons can choose one of 6-8 bedroom stand alone villas. Each two-storey property in Venice DAMAC Lagoons is furnished with extensive bedrooms, many parking places, floor-to-ceiling windows which allow lots of sunlight into the units, and a private swimming pool with an artificial waterfall.


Luxury townhouses with a 7,000-year-old architectural tradition are represented by Malta at DAMAC Lagoons. Discover
a tale that has been developing for generations as you tour tastefully designed homes situated among magical lagoons.

With nature-rich virtual reality experiences, a building blocks pavilion, and a floating flower market that blur the
lines between history and technology, there is enough to stimulate the interest of the curious mind. You may
explore centuries of literature, inventions, and culture in Malta.


As DAMAC continues to strategically launch each phase, more of these romantic, Mediterranean-themed neighborhoods
are set to be realized, and four more clusters are primed next to take center stage, raising elevated interest
among homebuyers and investors.

With Damac Lagoons’ record for fast-selling villas & townhouses at this exclusive and highly-sought
community, it’s always best to register your interest early. As experts in Dubai Real estate with an extensive
familiarity with DAMAC properties and their projects, we at Tribeca Real Estate can help you invest into your
future. If you are interested, get in touch with us at info@tribecadubai.com.

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