Your primary advocates and navigators during the entire home-buying process
are real estate agents. Thanks to their knowledge and resources, they are the
experts in the area you want to live or invest in and assist you in finding
the ideal property for you.

Your Real Estate Agent will be the one to help you make the right offer and
ensure that your contract contains all the necessary clauses to protect you
through the transaction process. But how to find the right brokerage in Dubai?
Here are 10 questions that every buyer or seller should ask their Real Estate

1. Is your Real Estate company registered with the Dubai Land Department?

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) is the governing body for all real estate-related
matters in Dubai. Make sure that the brokerage you are working with is licensed
and therefore possesses a real estate broker card issued by DLD.

2. Are all the brokers from your company RERA certified

RERA, which stands for Real Estate Regulatory Agency, established a regulatory
the framework that determines the rights of landlords, sellers, buyers, tenants, and
property management firms operating in Dubai. All active agents in Dubai are
required to have a RERA broker license.

3. How long have you / your company been in the market trading as a Real
Estate Brokerage?

When looking for your dream home or the perfect investment opportunity, the
best strategy is to work with someone with significant expertise and industry
knowledge. Hence, a broker with an excellent track record in real estate will
be the right person for the job.

4. Is it possible to talk to one of your existing clients?

An excellent real estate agent will have satisfied former customers who will be
more than happy to tell you about their experience with them.

5. Are there any online / google reviews about your company and service?

Online reviews directly correlate with the company’s reputation and customer
satisfaction. It will help you build trust and credibility with the brokerage
and the agent.

6. Do you have a social media presence? If yes, can I please have a
look at them.

Besides the website, a broker’s social media presence is a good tool to measure
how active and knowledgeable they are. You will see their industry expertise from
the standard of content and the type of audience interacting with the page.

7. Do you have a list of all the properties listed on the portals?

Make sure that the brokerage’s property listings are featured on websites
like Bayut & Property Finder helps you learn about their niche, reviews, and
real estate portfolio.

8. Are there any additional services that you can offer your clients?

Some Real Estate Brokerages offer multiple other services like Marketing,
Conveyancing, Mortgage Advisory, Property Management, Interior Decorations,
Handyman Services etc., to assist you with all real estate-related matters.

9. What is the Fee and Commission Structure for the entire process?

Not every real estate agent’s a fee/commission structure is the same. Make sure to
have a clear picture of both the fee and commission structure to plan out your

10. Why do you think I should work with you?

Ask your real estate broker about the advantages of working with them. Interview
your broker so that you feel as comfortable as possible to make the right choice.

To find the best brokerage in Dubai, there are certain questions that every buyer
or seller should ask their Real Estate Broker. Make sure to ask your next broker
the 10 questions compiled in this article, and you will be one step closer to finding
your dream home or perfect investment opportunity. Reach out to our team at Tribeca
Real Estate and talk to one of our real estate agents to know more.

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